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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

rattling around in my mind

is the disguise of everyone's hype

taken to lightly

to be taken nightly

with food, if you're a smarty


on my legs one at a time

so not to rush perfection

but I must be at an intersection

of recollection

profiting off my Sunday collection

there's no need for protection

I've already been neglected

and haggled for scrap and

elected to be the bad guy

in a yellow sky

velvet lines control our minds

to tell us we are not a certain kind

they aren't very kind

when they are separate from us

they will always be your bitch on the side

still straining for a grander design

then this whole life

made with some hope and dice

giving chance control of our hands

before we can dance in the sands

of the Sahara

lookin' farther away

then when I first came to this place

that was the birthplace of the great bang

that called to its husband like a dying fire

with crackling desire

help us God see you are the entire

at the beginning of this

massage short so you can get the most

from the beast coast

spring load

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