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Updated: Apr 7, 2020


Show me your light

Show me your son

Show me who I am

Make it clear

Make it fade

Make it save

Show me your ways

So I may be found

Lift your shroud

Pull the chord

Let it run

Into your day of fun

Into your day sung out

Out loud

I scrape to late

The bottom of fate

Know I AM nothing

So I may see through the glaze

Over my shape

Never to late

To break the gate

Now I sail away

Trying to grasp at mist

I sit and wait

In the quite

In the color of the morning


Through I

Could never gain sight

Of what holds me so tight

So boldly

So ruthlessly

Love is for the better

Love is for the worse

It stretches its arms over


My ego hides me from light

But grants me sight

Only filled with distortion and crime

Pulling me fine

Till in time I see him, sour bitter filled with grief. I pick him up, and give him a hug. I will never let go, and I will never leave his side, so I may embrace him and see clearly

Giving me hope for the pain

Filling out my name

Reframe my stains

Into beautiful art

Filling out my GREAT name

Still I




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