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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

It's a bit of a bitch

never have to switch

but this shiet is making me twitch

am I about to have a fit

let me breath

then I can see

through what you do

that you believe in two

one is all I need

not trying to feed

your aggression

but I think I'm less than

your presence

never had a fetish

till you told me

about the dentist

who kissed her feet

before you could see

his teeth

filled with meat

from the front seat

we all can teach

maybe not always preach

did you beat me to the punch

I thought I smelled a skunk

are you ready for this hunt

it's no longer fun

it's starting to weigh a ton

all but for the one

no care for what is sung

it will always be the fun

that came with last place

for the one who won this r a c e

too far fetched

to make you flinch

to satisfying to ditch you

for her who I never knew

for the fruit of a new truth

neck wrapped

with a diamond noose

so not to lose a roost

there is no room for you

in the pecking order

can I have a quarter

the drink machine took my

life without a knife

it seemed to take it lightly

but it won't betoken

by my wall

about my fall

on tonights waters call

my name

from a story of glory

to a story of death

we fined our best

torn to shreds

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