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Updated: Nov 9, 2022

I feel weak in your presence

this unchanging fate we share

holds tighter with your stare

but how can I lose my cares

for you have taken them from there

and made me focus on your hair

such beauty we could share

the love for this air

breathe in deeply my fairness

because you might not be aware of this

such tragic stories I have pull me to that

last touch of our hands on to the land

provided in their palms is love for the psalm

You are that sacred song

Faith in the future is nothing in the past

care for my past it ends with you

a new I stand by you

beauty for you and for me hold the same truth

if I am not beside you today I promise to be beside you again one day

without hesitation, I’m there waiting

on you in every way


you are The grace

I’ve been looking for this place

faith for our love today

maybe love has me too deep in a daze

but I’m starting to see you through the haze


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