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Updated: Mar 24, 2020

no defense for my kind

we all stand to defy

why can't we just align

to the one inside us all

hold on to the moment


let it flow through My show

tempting to see what I have saw

but it doesn't always control all

stuck between duality and reality

is this unsightly

at least more than my writings

that must be behind this

why are they always separate

will we ever be rested

do you not understand

that this runs through my head

it is too much to keep hidden

but I do know what's in my head

do you

I'm asking cause I'm at a loss

I discovered the world but at what cost

trying to find a

snitch that told on this

but whats the sitch

I haven't had one since yesterday

still stuck with what is deep down

who could be behind my faithful ways

of talking on The Way

singing for your name alone

you don't know how much you own

you'll see it when I'm gone

finding out I'm alone

call me toast

cause Ima leave


you for my special suit

made from all colors

divided by color

I find you

can't be implored

because this world is sore

from all the beatings

it took from the lord

not trying to write a foreword

holding a sword

focus on your courtroom

this is the sword of forgiveness

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