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Lay back on the beach of majesty

tasting like 50 proof

stilled with no proof

of the angels who grace the sky

with Gods eyes

taken for a foul in you

is nothing but two

I Love You

or three

depends on how you see

the mist

that surrounds my light

with shadows of a fight

for more gods than mods

on a grease junkies car parts

are scattered on my scars

left on me from the tare

melting in my lungs

from the one who knows none

will be I

outside of me

for the time being

I will be the sea

to catch the whale in me

no longer falling for stories

told of past fears and past tears

they are for me

for I'm for you before you know what to do

come thru

you might see the night in you

no one is through

with life, if you are reading this

you are my mist

quenching my thirst for the first

time in about ten years

eating my features

and teaching teachers

that we are gone

and may stay that way

'till everyone begins to pay

you up for a trade

all I got is my life

what's your price

for this piece of Christ

that stands up so nice

you want to fade

in My Way

too odd for some that pray

prey on my likes

finding out I'm all


of our lives crossed with what you saw

now I'm trying to call

an airstrike

so I can get to sleep tonight

let me dream big tonight

find I AM from the night

before you can pass a laugh this way

to the lady's

who trying to make babies

have you seen me lately

I've been makin' plenty

of these mini coupes

looking like loops

to fly my rocket ship through

all I say in my face

can't get rid of this taste

It seemed so fake

but any way

we are all fake these days

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