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touch on such

a night as tonight

factual look-alikes

covers the mellow hype

hold my hands for now

hold me close to your sound

hold us at this moment

mounting to be fading quickly

just stay with me

I'll hold you so tight

you might love another kind

one that doesn't give you the time

of day changing their feeling like a tide

although this person is fine

they really don't know why

rat on my flashy wish

to be more than mist


no time to lie

so right to not die

I only like flying kites

sailing away, shalom

not in my main one

too vain to be one

to much shame to be done

with anyone still

kicking back against this sheep

not to be too meek

but you reak

stink like week-old shrimp

sucking on my ink

like a man bent on lips

kissing His feet

in need of pimps

to give him a glimpse

at the twisted kiss

tearing my chest

a new beat

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