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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Bled through the feds

punching a net

caught by the threats

in that back sec

I was jumping off a reck

restless till you see the lesson

testing me with your weapon

let it pop then you’ll learn a lesson

cheackin’ in on your weapon

reckon your beckon

come to the back section

we‘ll be the light timing out the lining

hitting you shining like diamonds

on the inner lining find your heart

signing into the whining

the love is a part

heal it with these scares

tricking you off the cost

best be your life boss

still not seeing the cost

it's hitting the moss on top of the frost

lost in the call can see me fall

for I am but all

still standing in between my nerve and the word

is something like a hurt

looking in the eyes of another

pulls me in further so I push forward to another

but pain does not fade

it stays the same no matter the day

let go of death

it left

finished it with the breath

touched time to find this line

here is my cipher

delegated by the lier

cut through me like fire

tears into my cares

tears into my hair

stares at me from there

blare the speakers with care

get them the fuck out of there

bring them here

and we can dance away the fears

slipping between the gears

opening up to disappear

Finishing final chance

to catch me coming in clear

now it’s too late to make me near

so far from here

it belongs in a cheer

I knew the time was alive

but now the sky is Devine

and unlike my discussion

it is rushin’ from my crushin’


what does not rust

and you will touch my crush

in the back of the bus

you rush out of the hush

for you have come

for what we must

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