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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

got scared straight

to the graveyard

half baked in a quick escape

didn't really play

so I decided to stay

fuck what you think

you'll see we are the same

all human with a reason

so don't think you're going to reach fame

we are stuck in my grains

of the town ran up a pricy bill to fill

now I'm contemplating popping seals

because my name will always be lame

never a chance to shame

pain in the ass

who bit me it might be me

too toxic to be cooties

mostly nookie

happing in the back

of the wooden seats

thinking I've never done a feat

no one can see straight

for I've proven my coffin

open till christ breaks the sky

with a fruit fly

opening what's inside

a short chance to see your side

in need of help

with me demented

linked in sinful facts

tearing down our yellow tape

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