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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

let me have control

is that what we all want

is it an awful desire

to want help from a friend

never a problem

unless you are just stalling

caught like a rat

looking to be fed

misled by all the things she said

misled by all the things I said

don't let go of your past messes

they might be a




never both

in and out

up and down

why do we bother to sever

why can't we just be clever

and tether the one together

all we know

but why can one be

what do you mean three

to controlling for you sweetie

sorry I didn't know of your past

I just knew this was a miss

nothing but nonsense

maybe God sent

problem being knowledge

forthright with

my flawed and my flawless


this has lost meaning

in the mystic lense

now we see fists

held back on the bench

lucky to catch the mean

of all you think about

what is the first thing

that rings in your bean

stop hoping for more than yourself

you, my beloved, are beautiful


every flaw

every mistake

every good thing that you saved

is worshiping in your name

do you think I'm crazy

now you are just being lazy

your problems including a Mercedes

on the other hand

I have too many mes

begging to be seen

sorry but I only have time for Me

got to be free

unless you need me

I'll be in the back

thinking on philosophy

laughing at the mess

I've seen in the word new

not to intrude

but can I get to know you

before being lost to the view

am I entertaining you

I'm happy to love the few

maybe I am being too loose

with the things controlling my laws

far too late to get a dose

of lovin' from my stove

I'll cook you something without fire

do you dare call me a liar

this you'll never desirer

I want you to know We and Them

are shaped by men

always by there sins

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