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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Miss my chance

but that’s ok in this stance

none can catch my dance

sorry Mr. tan

you can be on top again

Truth be told I’m feeling kinda old

I'm busting this mold ten fold

trying to open up to people I hold

dear John I don’t know how long

This can go on

for as long as you stand strong

as those hands Stand you tall

make sure not to fall

it might lead you back to us all

frantic paws scratch at the bathroom stalls

its not your call

to take a life

is to end hope

when dead everything that

person was gonna be is dead

you say they killed your family dead

Truthfully they don’t belong to anyone

they belong to them selves

what comes to them is death

but don’t think you will escape this fate either

life is a chance not to be nothing

but this stays present for every question

there‘s something always there

fathom the endless direction

darkness chasing light in tandem perfection

creating a subjective truth

that can never be questioned

hard to find protection

from these

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