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For the light is brighter than any darkness

blessed enough to feel his breath

hold it in your chest

beaten like the best

I stand on your shoulders and brace

for the winds of suffering are to great

for any but you to with stand

my king of kings

my love

my everything

your beauty overwhelms me

majesty in infinity

hold me close so I do not stray

that would take upon it every pain

every strain

tased in to praise

the faith is you and me

loving each other’s lust

outlet to glory

leads to the pouring

of truths

unknown to you

fold to your glorious daze

phased by your taste

love in lace

between your drapes

how beautiful is this place


I know you don’t feel this way

how could you anyway

you’ve been battered and

disaster took your life without worn

by everyones torn perspectives

so deceptive

they stick to your brain

gripping to what you find strange

or deranged

but I’m still praying for pain

you are feeling is the same that is spilling

on the floor and covers the world

hold tight to the cord

holding you on board

you may lose what can’t be afforded

only to the man who can’t pay

can today show it’s face

blushing in the rays of her grace

held together by his love

for anything but the self

but I can’t get out of this hell

failure pails to his perfection

elected to be his deception

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