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Updated: May 26, 2020

Bitch, I'm torn

no need for thorns

come see me reborn

following of porn

in me

take that way from me

let me be free

sorry to see freely

but your dripping

from your knees

let me show you now

it's all we need

but trust me it might be

deemed less than we

help me see through your shame

it trains you

like a bitch on a date

with seven dudes

trust I don't know

what is about to insure

but it will blow you

till it is too soon

I'm tired of being used

are we comparing pain

because I was thinking the same thing

taking what we name

I really don't want fame

it seems like a real pain

trust me with this thing

it brighter than the love pains

of porn covering my hole

horn dog

in the back of the bog

sounding like a frog

I'm gonna be no hog

I'm smog

don't worry about the

it orgasms like a pig hitting the sack

can't you see I'm back

coming with the bag

on the crack of my back

looking like Santa clause

to all these pussy claws

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