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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Grows from the mouth of the loathing

a person of nothing can see shame hunting

trying to find its way home to the palisades

surrounding you Alice catches a wave

riding with the minds tirade

hold my hand always

Follow the message to the sun

only one seam of the brain

to take it to the middle

Burning the time I am

whittled down to my evil

Can feel my lethal injection

ding the power

hour after hour careless dower

Step in the sky

sit alone I’ll kiss your lust

but too much in my face

watch me fake out you pace my step

only on our next left don’t worry it’s a clef

Shift to any set I’ll show you the best

dipping into the clouds can’t see you now

looking found in the middle of the town

blacked out on the staircase to high in the air

let us have a fair eating a

sugar covered pair

Dare you to look at my head stare

lick your tear any time you care

grab your disc through it into the mist

catch a glimpse my sick you pence

dense limit hits you disappointed

listed kittens come to mental assistance

no dental limitations can hold my satan

burning passion patient is in the station

licked down with paint

feel the flakes land

come talk about a plan I’ll die in my hands

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