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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

till I bleed I won't let off the heat

come to see the same I'll blame you for that thing

hurting and pain and tame and blame and never know a thing

bring me your head on threats of death and bless me with your hate

I'm the psycho coming for your moms throat

with a blade turned towards the same heart holding the pain

its not to blame you for her pain

but can you hold to her as a blessing the lace taste great

drip drip from my shame shame

you think I like this crime it takes time to see her the same

love is far from us coming with hate

but I'm there the same as oh hey

choking on a cold play for the first in the race

is a disgrace that holds every human chain

holding us to everyday breathing in a shame

feel so wonderfully in the beauty of four feet

I wash with my teeth I'm your servant see

cut the shiet I know you miss the love

gone in the midst of the great pain

that harmful hate is in my face in my heart

you to dark to late to be too far from the start

hear me coming through this snitch begging for a blessing

trapped in a testing that won't end in his way

he will die in this way taken in to sorrow and pain

is that all life is

is it just pain

constantly needing something

never ends in humming

run Christ is coming

life is running the hands of God

to attack everything breath in nothing

the blessed coming of Christ and death he summons

nothing is us drifting to peace in the farthest east

past the coast all the way to the mountains who stomp on your filth

blessed be him who presides over all holding hands with death I'm so blessed

love is my hand I smack you up past that

breaking into your hack shack cutting back on the slack

let my pain feed that let my love build that

let this come across that way under mayday I pray

Christ is my only thing Let me fully embody his majesty

holding them hands up to the rest of life I blessed

just not your breast heart end beat begins send the fight

I'm on high not like I

I'm on low with all of you true

too we could be you plan it is my stand

pan round wand see your town turn to sound

running like a constant melody in the back of me

send half of me to you capping free

teeth on me just read a little your mind will be free in time

mylove in the night I see no light in this light

tithe and you might die wile I pull off in a sporty

court me I'm down to get horny why so wormy

scorn me gore me black out sight out

I'm gone into now can't you see the found

neither me or the or see her love for us

as a trust we must fulfill her life and heal

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