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a little to the Left, No Your Other...

left is a curse

right is even worse

no one wants to be any of these terms

one of these terms

you will see

what a man can truly be

the one before

was the closest thing for me

the man was harmoniously


but it did tire the poor guy

sorry for making you cry

but he was too kind

no such thing

I disagree

we need a man with an iron soul

not clown feet

making him trip

and fall on him being overall

he will oversee his on downfall

even without a town car

he still needs it all

he will never find resolve

being the man knowing it all

we will see if he gives us what we need

he can only be

a part of all that is

so let there be

no need for

women to bleed

cut off your knees

and finally, find peace

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