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Updated: Jun 24, 2020


Did you run and hide yet


you think I have a problem


I hope I do


he on my line too


can you give me some time


Have you heard of me yet


we are all torn to pieces


please be my witness


if you are this I am that


no need for a rat


you are my


Slow to the fire

why does this seem so dier

help me see me

for you to look within yourself

no need to worry it's not what you might think

if you think He is in your heart what do you fear

well I'm here with the zombies from Flatbush

tripping over to to the one

CJ and Pat and and all that

watching out for that pothole

on my way to Cali listening to Earthquake

shifting to on earth meditating with Michael Gungor

aka my light aka my savior aka Vishnu Dass

introducing me to the moment

amplified a divine meeting with Ram Dass

Can't you see the moss covering my gloss

hope to soon get some frost

so I can freeze this moment

and never leave for what I wanted

is help you, my lord, serve the world

fighting for peace doesn't make sense to me

we can always make up for a loss

not saying a life is worth a loss

or am I saying that is always waiting

cherish your every breath

because now is all you have

Devs will explain the rest

Chance is first to punch

my world view in the stomach

then came the Grey Gods doing enough

probably gonna land me in cuffs

Biking down the street

bumping that odd future till I'm weak

Mac Broke the walls that stood so tall

not just Miller also the Demarco

JPEG sent in a message from a friend

Begging this will never end

Vampires sucking out my flooded brain

ending in southern rain

weathering me down to the almost

showering me in the most

high in my room running Jack Johnson's path

all the way to the sea

one in me

if you don't I can't

spend time in the Hamptons

looking everywhere for Brock

standin' in place john walks up to mark

just to ask if he was McMillian

sounding out here deal offered to my feels

spending some time in the windmills

caressing my soul stuck to the back of my hills

running far beyond the sky

bootleg rascals welcome me with open arms

let me shout out where the love first came from Relient K

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