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All My Love is for You

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I won't lie

This is definitely me

so how can you exist

outside my love for the self

we are all so unique

it's love holding my hand

whispering sweet nothing in my ear

missing your path

for the love

You can find in This

sorry for leading you astray

I love you like winter day

is there something to remember

that doesn't render

the right feeling for my sisters

brothers gather around

you can understand her feelings now

in the month of February

when no one is weary

of the guy leering

at the missy wishin' for a hickey

don't fall for his trickery

you must first solve the mystery

of how we ended up in a cemetery

please, officer, understand I'm not

here right now so run from my fears

landing near a field

sprouting grassy hills

spinning my head on a pen

no attention gave to my fins

I'll show you how to swim

without a lung of air to impair

just focus on the flow of time

running down the line

in to the land of sands and panoramic

pictures on the dunes


my sin building from this wind blowing inward

filling my hands with sand

pouring into my glass

hours must have past

before I looked up at you and laughed

for your beauty comforts me

without a mask

I brave your last

chance of having your smashed sash

spread out on the ground

claiming your perfection a reflection

don't misunderstand this section

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