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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

you will always be here

stuck in my mind

hidden behind

all those times

I still remember

the unspeakable things I did

for the sake of porn

and my addiction to

her deadly grip

it's my own damn fault

that she caught me

when I was lost in her lips

life seemed simple

simply bliss

make my moves

that only caused feuds

I made them for you

I made them because I loved you

it wasn't just cause I wanted to hug you

I'm not even sure who this is to

that is the saddest part

with any luck

you will understand my heart

I can't let this go

I wasn't punished enough

why didn't you have me cuffed

why didn't you just let me go

I can't be punished enough

please take my life

if that's what you want

destroy my name

I'm begging you for pain

I must have caused so much for you

I take full responsibility

please don't forgive me

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