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Autopilot is Failing

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

fun for the time being

us as a bus comes in

in a rush to be there

is that not fair

why do you even care

I'm to slow

to tall

to recall your paul

on-call to the hospital

hoping for the old lady to fall

never deciding

only riding

letting time do time

and I am doing fine to try

my best is never more than you

main reason I'm on this track

is to turn on space age

made for my fate

more beautiful than our last hope

being in my fight for our sake

trust me I'm here for my shake-

ing knees

begging and leading you on

so not to trick my beloved

but to juke my responsibilities

controlling me constantly

rushing my apology

sorry for nothing

I was just bluffing

about your husband

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