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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

This is not good

That is better

too much for me to care for

look at me I'll end you

with a mix of loose

copes driving down the loop

reaching the same conclusion as this nuisance

claiming its victim with limp limbs

covering my eyes with lies

so I don't bother you, Mr. Blue Sky

stand by my side so I don't fall to my fight

against my mind

taking what it needs

and loving what I don't

falling for the trap wall

to the right, I fall

cutting down anyone

who may feel tall

I'm not stalling

I'm just talking

walk away

I don't have to pay

for anything as of late

it all comes naturally

never a debate

it's not why I laugh at me

but I don't hesitate

this might be my biggest escape

I'm not bragging

why would I do that

it sounds dishonest

if you don't write the facts

I'm a broken down hag

less than me have bragged

but people eat that up

don't you think

my bad

didn't mean how I'm feeling

did this just become less appealing

don't write what your feeling

you might be thinking

but isn't that why this is so appealing

forget my feelings they're tearing a hole in my ceiling

need some new opinions

on this filthy mess of a self

I call my best

but will I ever find rest

never is a pest

that never seems to best

so I caught you sleeping in your Sunday dress

take a peek at your feet before I lean in to squeeze

your rosy red cheeks

so sweet

can we just be

sit here and weep

love each other with diseases

all around nothing may be found

run from your mights

rush in to take a knife

and stab my side

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