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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

see you soon

my goon

no need to time my gun

you'll be dead soon

I've been for a while

you don't know about my powers

you think I'm delusional

but I'm gonna prove I'm clinical

and all these towers

go on for a mile

how do you do


which is more than you

hard times insue

causing me to go through

the burning room spinning in my head

I found the prowess of the innocent

that controls the pressure

that showed me what I knew

to be true

I must not shy away from the mood

felt in the

sands dripping from the walls

find me through the food

you need

to eat of the good

and digest the frown

growing on their faces

this will explain the same problems

that face humanity and the other me

who is free from my fishy

wish list

begging you to get the gist

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