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Bat Shiet

last hit

had me frantic

putting me in a manic

state what you would take

from me, I could find you hidden in time

but I would rather get high

being on the low still makes me glow

slow your role

the best advice I've received till I'm old

fold into my arms

I'll carry you, babe

through broken glass

through fire you will always inspire

my muse lights my fuse

then we can explode into you

crack that back with the truth

love is what I do

not knowing how to improve

you, my most perfect clue

I love you beyond this tomb

I'll love you till we can resume

with our love of the two

we are one in our love

who found me without a doubt

I love him and it can't be pretend

he is so close

can we hold each other at the coast

have some drinks then let go

till the morning comes around so

we can enjoy right now with each other close

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