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Be Here

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

So far as I know

the truth is plain to see

in heart

by the dark

sitting calm

lapsing ending of time

breaking to the calm

intent of the moment

just be here

what else do you want

it is in yourself

you will find

the intent of all mankind

the evil you decide

is right in front of your eyes

don’t let your intent go back

back to your disguise

you are beautiful in this light

All of time beginning once the moment sets in can you feel the humming

truthfully the running

those people who come in hate

have just made a mistake

destruction is what it makes

death always takes

don’t give it away

you’ll need it another day

did you finally see me as you

my love

is for us

don’t mistake

the way it makes you feel

it seems nothing is real

plastic looking deals

flow through my gills

I’ll filter out what ills

Why listen to me

pay attention to you

ruling beyond cruel

let’s lead the fouls

Looking for more than to live and die

haunted by the dreams of the night

sacrifice I am the night

backed by the day

It groans

run from your phones

but that would mean to put down your throne

I am falling deep

to mislead you to belief

in something you see

troubling way to be

don’t wait on the sea

come and search for it in me

disappear in the morning

glory before it’s coming

beauty beatin’

city street leapin’

some call us heathens

I think we are just bleedin’

there is no need for speaking

what’s the fun then

you walk by

with those lovely eyes

girl I definitely have time for you

truthfully who knew

I was down to lose

maybe we can make a few

they only wanted you

there is no other

this is true

I am of no use

but to loosen your noose

I don’t want your money

that is poof

but if your looking for proof

how can one be too close

I love you

this ain’t a hoax

trust Ive floated enough to know

the pros

and the cons

all are pawns

to the highest buyer

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