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You have changed my life

gave me a new reason to live

you deserve better than me

but I can only offer my hands

for you crushed my plans

Like the beautiful morning

ending the night’s rule

I had no need for these lands only me in your hands

when we started talking

I couldn’t explain this feeling

it’s like real pain

it hurts but let’s us know we are alive

in each other’s dreams I see a future so clean

full of love so pristine

We can make our on dreams

for the next team to join up in this thing

called love but my name hasn’t changed

so I’m with you every day in every way

I hold your hand in my mind

for I can not be graced with your presence yet

that day is coming and it will be wet

the kiss will last until the past

has change that task

from a love of ones self

to a love of ourselves

melting into one felt moment

we can share in the cold mountain air

where we will build a life to full fill

with our hopes and our dreams sealed

if you ever get lost just look to me

I‘ll remind you what we see

is all we could be

I want to carry you on my back

till it breaks in half

for I would withstand any pain

to hold you in my arms

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