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Black Lace

Updated: May 31, 2021

looks like my faith

an underlying praise

for the love of my life today

touching your heart

then I fall through the stars

are you following cheap

tasting meat taste like disease

bleeds through my teeth

filter it out with the mead

poring out the tree barrel

brandish my teeth lookin' feral

hit you in the eye with dust

blurry you walk directly towards us

then I catch you in my arms, you blush

I kiss your forehead now you have a crush

but I let you stand on your own feet

don't think I'll help you see the sea

look right at me and I'll purify your eyebeam

to see past the sky into nothing

what a fright I have seen tonight

decide to follow my light

and the darkness will take your right

she’s light

but just look at both so close

that you understand why we grow

threw all the soon to be crew

I found you the most beautiful truth

now it's on cruise control so watch out yo

I love you bro let me help you

sis don't leave me distant in a minute

we can hold to what is winnin'

but what is losing is just as interestin'

fixin' this shiet with a hint

and a kiss on your lips

that tastes like sweet bliss

I love every witness to this beautiful finish

getting more dope than the dentist

did you win this from the kids down the street next to that heat

homeless stuck to honest existence

just rob and steal there is no point anyway

I blasted my whole team dead now I don't know what they said

but maybe I'm just a little ahead wishing I still had a bed

losing every bit of me just to tell you I love you

are the only reason I wake up you fill up my cup

Now is high up in the sky wishing he had done it right

what a deadly fight

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