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Updated: May 28, 2022

The hold on me is tight

the hold on thee is light

I don’t hold on to fight

the darkness deep in the night

by doing so it has taken over

completely over the light

but the light boasts for it has a coating

fragrances of color spread through the light

cracking the black coating of fright

into a picture of the night Sizing up your friend named mike

through me a sign from the line

hitting me in a bind

my new name is Ram Dom

so as long as it belongs

is my witness

is too strong

standing above every wrong

is my stance on this throne

break it down and sound it out

no one is above us all

standing in the stall in the bathroom mall

trying to go beyond my tampon

thought you false but stand on

and you could see my plan

to turn this world on its fan

blow out the wind coughin'

with a friend who is all in

Igor my mind dined on signs

of the brighter eyes in my dye

changing colors at night

defined by the sigh

coming out of your town

bleed me dry over the lake high

step to once again hold my friend

but he is blocked off from the sky

I'm just trying to let in some light

but darkness is where we strive

to be under mind

to be above the sty

to be deep in the sky

the eye that takes flight

running through your shine

con to the throne

I stand against your mone

in semi-tones I hear you come on

flicking your home back into known

broken by the stones

I threw at my own dome

popping as the hold lets him on

the roman empire stands for her home

destroyed within my loan

begging on the corner for a drone

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