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'Bout that action Now you reacting

that is the

buzzing so hard it could be levied

did you get your ass another civic

is this wickedness

victim blessed my stroke session

now the time is in motion and I can't hold it

for that shiet came before my days

but I'm still here anyways

past you in a blaze

this undefined rage

please save me

any race heat and dolphin

seasoned by the coffin

that you standing next to coughin'

fallen soldiers bleed for meaning

seen breathing in the courtyard of

those sea winds still blowing on your hand

can't deny

now let me see what you got

nothing but pig slop

let me just read your thoughts

now I see what mac was saying about that

Kendrick there from the past

singing along with your breathing

chokin' on that gas

blast your whole team dead

now come and get me with the threats

I want to see your best

because I am the motion

you stuck in oceans

coated with lotions

can you even perceive two brothers

owning up to their third-round broken

spoken the fire with no hope and

soakin' in the moment

false doctorin‘

you are not enough

but who is in your blush

catch them with the flush

why don't you just hush

I'm here on a rush

breaking all your dutch

spinning with the clutch

bro can you even such

down between the rust

are we just dust

curse that curse

first things first

I've ever touch

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