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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

dead but under meds

troubled but ever undead

still lost in your face

let me drop the place

off hard but gone scared

pull back and was torn to pieces

ripped my heart out

and made me eat it

cut my arm off and still eat it

fuck my ass and still beat it

I feel the leaders meetin'

bringin' in the food for the feastin'

we still have a little breezin' through

can't catch the reason for you

that is up to you and sue

the girl told me to

it still was too much

she came out in colors

more beautiful than the coat

draped on my love

the only one above

of the other side

she holds dreams and beauty

between the seems

she slips into the scene

looking kind of mean

but she is just a beam

of light and the darkness surrounding

love to see you in the day

it would be like getting a raise

flying in today let go of the waves

they come in shakes like the last wake

shook me till I went blank only pain

delightfully tamed by the shame

held tight in love for the same

self is melting into the game

mending with the train

running down my track the frame

let it go don't want to see the day

blanking out with a prayer

didn't ever place that dare

its like everywhere you could be

something took me from my be

now I can only see

what you do to me

I can't talk about this pain

it's the only thing that keeps me sane

plain and simple but on a different plane

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