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Broke the Seal

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

I lost how I feel

when Your glory made me ill

Disgust touches every meal

do you know how I kill


your mouth with a group of eels

flowers grow from their mouths

hard to unsee this decedent pain

untamed by the man with the somber name

run if this sounds like your kind of day

for something is not going your way

we are still in the deepest hills hidden away

is nothing in all its glory

peace for every worry

east of every story

is the beauty left behind form

in a place so warm

grace touches your lips

then I pull my hand back

letting it slip only once

your eyes hold every bright light

mine are darker than the night

can you help me with this sight

drives me deeper into a fight

where neither side is right

Coughing on blood in elementary

just to find time is sedimentary

a hole through the paper

we can’t see as a pen

then we can not be what happened

we can only be what is happening

sapping my energy to receive more than enough

blessed by him who came before us

let us not lose hope in what can’t be seen open

now I’m thinking of eloping with time

and soaking in the moment of kind

times that comes by our eyes

blessed to see you light

maybe I can breathe again tonight

let me be blessed to live another day in the fight

am I going to far to the right

or can you get my sunny D honey

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