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Build me a Catastrophe

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

found your fine

with what comes your way

if it is under your control

but what if you could talk to your self

and let him know

that he is better than me

hoping I'm not taking your light

you're as beautiful as the night

found another reason to be singing

about this fight for your sight

watch out for those wings

coming off that angel

he only here to tell of days to come

and talk of days so old

you're following my footsteps so close

please back away

understand that you are free

you can't be wrong

feeling so right

not knowing what's wrong

with my song

to late

can't quite catch your flaws

but I can say that you are not flawless

because I caught your eye

and isn't that enough to die

fly me to the moon and back

the finding was that we crashed

complicated plots compliment my name perfectly

sorry to say you don't have what it takes

but you know what I made

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