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Bye Ba

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

lost every ounce

can't think of the sound

it is still standing next to now

around the world and back

I'll make you go slack

on another black

out the light make it right

open the sea to feel me

hiding beside my father

he is no other

one into my nova

exploding like a load of

nothing might be planned

but something is acting

like it has never seen my face

let go of my grace

unaffordable in this place

is the hate

you share my faith

but maybe I'm a special taste

of the love that holds all

my man ever fall

will slip into the ever call

for me, I'm never tall

I am always on the ground

looking for a mall

to find you

my love hiding

in-between the rugs and the water falls

on my back pushing me deeper

down to the bottom of the waters sound calls

you from my fully in a love of eternity

but deeper still letting go of love holy

it should be free

to be with who it wants to be

willing to let your majestic figure

cress me with warmed

the love from the storm

pouring beauty over your path

you will be pristine

till I pass

but our love will last

strength in every passion

I want to see your reaction

when I start lasting

past the end of my casket

cry for nothing is pristine

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