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Can I Finally Be

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

lost without the cost

of your happiness gets me caught

your hate pulls me in

I can't sit and pretend anymore

the life we afford is a blessing

lessons feel more like a test

the best still hurts for his first

taste of the worst

sweet in the lust

disgusting at the touch

why am I enough

is it, family

is it, friends

is it each breath

is it each beat in our chest

do you want to see my loose grip

on your hips till I slip with this kiss

from your hands miss me again

you know I drive myself crazy thinking about you

I knew you and I could get through

to that place in a slow way

make me what you want

I'm foul's gold if you cool with that

then we rockin' with the knock on the back end


to you my love

beautiful like the wind

sweeping through your sins

drip from my lip

dip out the snack pull one back

but don't go slack I'm on facts

crack that track with this hack

big on my back

don't touch my stack

fact that you see me open the door

and let it pour I know we more

for us, we can flee but we stuck with he

seated beside she the Goddess in all honesty

lot of me drop to the flock but it's like I can't get down

please bring back sounds of the glorious luck

slut what that's just me stuck

on a wrong so gone past wrong

I don't even feel like I belong

broke the back stock for this

just you watch frost stuck under my heart

since then it melted and now my face hits you in the face

can you breathe in this daze I'm slippin' in my own shame

take me back today I feel life is in the grave

please prove me wrong today

did that even phase you

stay here dude you'll start to see the same

frantic with the chains can't be measured today

I bleeding till I see you feed me

I'm starving shit be late

you just wait it hurts too

hard to finish your fist is in my fist watch your wrist

become the mist but you die to what happened and what is to become

love for the other never let your brother suffer for he has no other

she is to be held above us as a blessing of trust my grip is slipping from this dust

we love too but love can turn so crude in misuse cry for this abuse

shy but it intrudes and says

hi, how are you

can't cause pain

for it is only pain

did I let go of you

it's scary too

nothing in fullest form

might bring life to the place

that can only be grace

but with such hate how can I love today

cuts me deeper and deeper with each lash

eyes come back to life to fight another disguise

hidden in daylight so as not to be taken of the light

let go of your hands I'm going crazy again

there is no reason to pretend we are all there is

for the light opposes darkness constantly

what if we gave in to the darkness what then

clear cut as it seems life is still in between

we can only chase the mystery till our legs collapse

or pretend it was a lapse in judgment for you are not of it

the words are not from this that but that this

true bliss is found in between our lips

underlying the meaning of anyone singing

Recalling how much love cost

every single loss every single cross

between wrong and right

because you don‘t know what’s right

I know I don’t know the right from wrong

son come to save us from what we belong

it is like a prison of sound

once heard there

is no longer an ounce of what we found

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