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Can’t be spoken Can’t be explained

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

The truth is for you

and only two

can see the person

you’re turning into

the self opens to all

who can feel the medal and steel

my heart so I don’t have to worry about

you my love the person I need most

Im just trying to coast

on what I don’t know but it’s getting brighter

The sight of another

fall behind me

and we can finally catch the cost

on top of my thoughts

im faster than most bots

you can’t see my shots

they hiding behind your blots

listen and take stock

can you hear what I’m say

do you think I’m playing

this is getting a bit hazy

it’s ok to go a little crazy

can you place everything with nothing

how polarizing

how connecting

can you become more accepting

I have a hard time protecting

myself from the emotions

I feel blessed to see you

feel who we could be

truly a new kind of free

this is just a freebie

now your just leading me

to a better life

in the middle of dodging knives

headed for my back

their trying to find their way

inside my heart

but I’ll choose to disembark

for a chance to explain art

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