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Updated: Jun 23, 2020




tears hold me here

failing through the years

clearly it's not clear

it's deep beneath

the searing pain of separation

between the sky that dies

and the sky that lies

tasting like mine

they fall on my line

begging for signs

I don't have the time

it passes by without a might

it's taking your life without a price

can't decide if I'm kind

find I'll be demonic

and clone it

copy the witnessing

a fucking day

where no one is around

hanging out with Jim

with those Tims

lookin' like a sim

where the fuck you been

come fight me sin

I'm ready to take you out back

with the rest of their trash

fast to the trigger

I'm out here beamin' figures

wooooow now you in town

fuck you with a clown and a pound

of this kush blowing loud

till I get ready to pound on that ass

with a glass bat

fuckin up the tap

no one cares about trap

this ain't a match it's fuckin up your class

matt calling me back on track

stuck in the past

tasked with fixing the best

of us are the ones between me and the team

sucking on the stream

starting to feel that lean

tip over pour it out the top

you no your not

just cop and keep the death as blessed

tasting like Seth on that meth

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