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Clutch Tightly for Christ's Sake

own my safe surroundings

count on a perspective

less aggressive

when it comes to you

are not very safe

I've come to show you just in case

I need to know what to pray

never knowing what to say

are you trying to make me cry

I'm just not that kind

of person to give into

your curses

they caress my soul when

I drop the thought of hate

fall for the pressures in the air

trust me I've come to see the truth

nothing but the heir can make it square

then I'll be that type

left with some bad pipes

trust I don't lie

but the truth is a lie outside

of this

crumbling the reason to fight

no one believes the hype

I'm not selling it

I'm selling that for half price

I have a hard time staring at that pain

people dying as just stains

crying out for someone to rename

the same old thing

take me now

the other side

it glows so brightly

mixing the white and black sides


to find a style in the middle of those crys

don't run or hide

I sit in the middle of the pride

I pet my brother of the sky

with fine delight

loving all in my sight

for he is all as she is nothing

making someone sing

not me again

nothing is the purest form of something


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