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Coast to Coast

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I cannot boast

but I have been bragging tho

even tho I don’t deserve to know

you know I deserve to grow

up and find a tufter outlook

then you took my rubber power

You bounced back like a dagger

stabbing at what matters

true I like cake batter

but I don’t like to batter

making my wife sadder

knowing I don’t have to have her

but maybe we can gather

and find what Became of that mad hatter

did Alice see him coming after he took what mattered

and saw what came for her hope

destroying the escape boats

now she can only float

drifting on what she doesn’t know

the truth that's here for her to bro

let her see the beauty

open to all the soon to be

living past what I can be

giving you my sanity

not standing up for my rights

but they are there

weather you like it or not

I've finally taken stock

and found I’m not

much different from pac

or the doc

we all came from a artistic heart

beat till I can’t stop

then I drop

falling to them rocks

bustin‘ out that thin box

im just waiting on my socks

lookin’ like I wear crocs

but I’m just that kind of lost

it was at a great cost

now I am frost

colder than your boss

turning up a tank of nos

now I’m taking off

flying by all you posted up

waiting on those chucks

boy you stuck

can’t get out of that rut

im here to give you a better outlook

but you out I took

you to the holy tomb

and we made sweet love

till the rock split in two

its so much more than you

the two sides in you

the best phase zoomed past you

so I can finally work on my loom

designing fabrics for sue my dogs don’t need to be groomed

They breaking into a shroom

counting their blessings soon

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