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connected Consciousness

sorry for your loss

if only he had noticed that snake

in the middle of his face

Joe fell for the oldest trick in the book

as he began to drink the venom with his boot

run for it Tom

Joes went too far

oh no he has gone into a frenzy

watch out for his teeth Kenzie

Tom limped over to help out

but end up thrown out

the bar had the smell of a brown cow

at least no one found the snake

he was safe for the time being

Tom picked up Joe

who was spinning

so he may live to fight another day of living

well at least before he was taken away

Missy came close

maybe to close

and let him know he was alone

knowing where everyone had gone

to the bar next to Cord

the club on the corner

where the party started

with fondness in all their hearts

it escalated quicker than you think

Missy was bathing in the sink

then we started to drink

two deep in the sheets

came Bobby and his mistress Jenny

too bad

they weren't finished

it haunts us all to this day


Mendy caught the look of her father

disapproving gazes

left her wondering

when will these days end

she rushed the man standing behind her

shocked to his core

he took this to mean war

the movements seemed


but at the same time

out of control

fans of theirs gathered around

wondering when they might see her fall

on his plate

to be devoured like cake

slowly turning to meet their seats

what a twisted turn of fate

Jess came by

she was a reck

hoping her night would be blessed

by a stranger in red


and tethered to the end

of the third-place spot

no one thought about a lot

she was willing to settle

because she thought

she made a deal with the devil

by embezzling the metals

This issue has been settled

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