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What you trying to hold

because it will fold

on top of your soul

not to be bold

I’m just repeating what I was told

let go of what is old

there is no use for it in this world

the new is making something true

and you just stuck looking for what you lost

but how much did it really cost

that extra dollar sign on your wrist

could have saved a neighborhood

with the money you missed

out on your chance for this kiss of bliss

loving one another in this diss

now I’m reaching the top of your list

of the most evil

or the most deceitful

I have nothing to offer

but that might take me farther

help me see my sight is getting dirty like that fight

Taking place on your right

no one can name my type

drifting to the smallest light

looking for something aight

nothing compares to my height

but its ok to be on the low some days

emotions are just that

they come and go

don't let them take you away

from the peace you found yesterday

now there's this weight on me

but it is pulling me the other way

flying high I see freedom dance with faith

the partners switch

faith is with grace

freedom is with the sea winds

floating on an around the bend

comfort me with you

I really want an end

the slower I learn to move in

to your heart

don't start

please don't fall apart

it is truly you, I want

nothing more

than for you to come aboard

but I sill hate your actions

just take a look at your parent's reactions

pain sokes into everyone the same

what we do with it should change

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