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COVID In Faith

separately we see this time

that will never drift back to normal

designed by my prize

crafted by His ways

broken in faith

does anyone feel safe

these days seem to put us in a daze

thinking of the future with a light heart

maybe more can see the grace

in my art

that comes to see what is wrong

when things seem to be gone

connecting in the waves

looking to a God to save

never looking to the world

for a path to the sword

healing is the only word

we can afford

oh my Lord

don't find what we would

find what She praised

is only Her

in a way

This is why I Am safe

still coughing up a lung

still filled to the brim with pain

but that's not all that


is it, Jesus

split into a thousand brains

placed on top of the great plains

strolling down Dairy lane

begging for clean air

a deeper breath coats the chest

with a love for the less

mostly impressed

we need some time to digest

we need some people to invest

giving up a chance to fulfill

their desires for My desires

these are the outliers

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