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Crack Cobain

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

You know That suicidal pain

eating at peoples brains

that is my only enemy

fighting him with a sword of God's word

dodging the thoughts but I still get caught

I just want you to live

know the pain I think about

and your knees will buckle like a child

under the pressures that holds the weather

your love has never been better

even though we know death is what is left

after the rest finally finds rest

we can overlook the best

to find a true test of my

courage and what’s left

after we lose what matters

we can find what a disaster

truly means this half has her

trapped by the actor

playing the role he knows

losing himself in the lows

But together we could oh-so

Be in such forgiving seas

today you can’t afford to forgive

let’s make it work with

the force of love and hate

divided by these traits

I think your a little fake

standing up for what you think

might put me on the brink

wait till I steal the kitchen sink

blink and you might miss this

touch of the mist

through which we exist

don't you dare call me your snare

that bitch as wip

you can keep that shit

we working together

in the middle of this weather

shout out to heather

the love I still measure

whether or not she ever

knew I was that forever

sever that shit when I walk

you think I was on the stalk

stair you down like a hawk

bought down the street from

how I fought

to take back my death so I can see a clef

measure your tethered

melt into the ever

after bitch it's not like I came after

you die when you see what comes after

back down you damn actor


let it call out of this hell

to a better cell

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