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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

what are you

what are you made of

can we find the place you stay

doubt gets in the way

but will help you find yourself

you cannot truly believe

without doubt

life is truth

truth is the fight

Where neither side is right

beaten into a pulp

but I like it in my juice

what’s proof to who

we threw him

over the hedge

we land like a sledge

we never even read the banner

gripping to what I find sadder

more beautiful than what matters

do you think it matters

counting all that is shattered

gripping to this ladder

I begin to slip

but my fist is full of lists

of things

I will not miss

I steal a kiss

now back to what you dised

you never had to be his

you never had to do anything

your actions land you at a reaction

nonaction leads you by the hand to grace

trust I didn't lace your shiet

you're just feeling it

and not missing the point

of the world

falling men reach to what could have been

still is my friends

not knowing he pulls everything down with him

let's all catch him

so everything will stop falling

and eventually, raise his head to his calling

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