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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

stained with pain

aching in your blame

naked in your shame

drop this world for truer days

tased for standing on my feet

defying the weak mistreat

what they can teach

if you listen you can understand the beach

the atmosphere a leech

sucking out your demons by their feet


seeing who he really is

the creation creating creation

maybe happy endings

aren't just in animation

life is all but pretend

crafted through

the end of pens

satan liking our latest trends

moving closer to that thing

I'll talk you through this another day

strangling on what I say

can't hold back my pain

straining my craning my neck

so I can see your grace

too hard to faze the night's trace

covering every day

run the trackback so you can hear my fear

teasing your bass drum

hummin' like I'm dumb an

full of what is left to the son

tons of fun done with beaming guns

only beaming you with the son

come see me run down our grave

filled with many in suits

of loops

keep me from failing the troop

they to loose to be of any use

Can't stand this black noose

I didn't move till We got ill

sickened by the spillage of the zillions

making me cough up buildings

trust that is apart of my hard shiet

not on my demo

more of a limbo

limo driving up the wall

before it talks and says naw

death tops all

everyone needs to find peace

excited by the finds in between

we will all be mauling the trees

running out of streets to beat on

now turn that shiet off

so you can read the mall

ass as a work of God

taught by not getting a call

of all of the tall

especially from the bought

caught with more than this

is nothing in something


can you fix it

hope I don't think I'm better

because I'm weathered

and battered by lines of dope

twisting up my hope

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