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Craving Soda

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

for no other but you

beloved we've seen it all

too fast to recall

what do you think fall is for

us to adjust to the rust

calling for more

to devour in its sour

taste eating away our pain

some come over to the open planes

between Spain and my brain

can't get enough of your lovin'

will never change

and I'll never be about the fame

I'll just keep you out of my way

so not to confuse

you suits

look too nice to be from around here

come take a look I'm here to glare

at your laughing face

thinking your something but nothing

then you finally might be getting somewhere

not to set you up for failure

but I'm here to tell ya

that is chasing me like a tail

can you please get off my back

and on to my track

you know where I'm going

then meet me there

I'll find you behind the door

hiding your mess

making you seem torn

between who you are

and your old scares

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