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I'll fall for nothing

same as you

stop the time as it is coming

hold my hand

if you can't

I don't know

how long this can last

it seems eternity is in the past

so can you let go

of everything

for the chance

at something

bring me nothing

I can show you a new

streaming down the pews

taken by the hues

in your eyes

I see you knew

was branded

without a clue

coming through

your crew

hope I screw

up in a few ways

but you got to watch

your self these days

you own nothing you want

can compare to my air

breath it in and out my shame

now I'm starting to drain

your pain by their brains

come to see the same

still here

that strange taste of fear

but I care too much for you

my dear

please don't run from my tears

they are in love with you

can't be sincere

seeing my sin clear

gun me down and take your crowns

I'll die for them in towns

you never heard of

but I'm still up

comforting your lust

before it destroys

the rest of us

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