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Death Left

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

at the next left

turn back to what I know best

the home of what is left after this

sits behind the grows reality of the breath

defined between two

deciding what rings true

trifling squabbles sing their own noose

crush what they knew

seeing everything branded

and planted on the path

that is less traveled

they are still trampled

now their food for the animals

devouring the seeds like Danimals

placed in the trash receptacle

run from what you are able

maybe we should have listened to the fables

showing who you are

and why you are

the peace this moment can hold

truth be told I'm never growing old

maybe I'll grow some mold

tastes like the whole

of the tall and small

balling out for the mall

I'm not impressed at all

maybe I've gone crazy

what's wrong with that baby

truthfully I'm fully in the truth of it

soothes me to sleep

with the fishes in dresses

testing my ultimate guest list

don't mess with my last question

is for the one in you breathing

untethered from seeing

unbound singing

I'm not done bringing the ringing

hums me to equilibrium

thinking I finally can see them

too bad, it is turning into a trend

sinning for sin

hasn't been working out for this has been

tell me I'm not bad again

I'm telling you straight up

I'm no cuckold

but I can see

you're unfaithful

to what you are told

and what controls your goals

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