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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

far from the mind

how is your name so Devine

you are my God


you died

to all the strong

split by the psalm

singing in my calm

not knowing where to belong

it stops to think of his song

flipping through the stations

finding him so long gone

he no longer belongs

taken to the side your on

a clip of the sound vibrating now

lead each other to peace

but that will not cease

the struggle to see the same

will damage the frame with its shame

Miss Use

take the rest

I don’t belong I feel torn

rip the masterpiece

pleasing to me the death of go

run and hide so

Mess with co-sign your nine ho

defined no one to say no to

lose to the movement cause it's true an

do you walk with me too

slip through hands to land on the man

coming with a helping hand

loving his motion so low an

closing the grip on his fist

make him pop with these lips

Loose grip got me a slip

of paper on her hips

sucking out her clip

lick my trick you split

I struck by flint to spark

God came to me in a group

telling me of who we love

not caring for what’s above

we ate the fruits from the flute

sounding out the lovely clues

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