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Updated: Sep 12, 2021

how fun it can be

love is far beyond the horizon

till you turn around and find nothing is surprisin'

and the loving-kindness of light

Jesus stepping on my toes let me know I'm alright

dropping to my knees as the devil games

I kill that away from you

Is a world as beautiful as a thirst for more

something then the same

backs into a corner unable to stand up stable

held back by the barn door swinging into my nose

stumbling forward to receive my great reward

but I don't think anyone knows why we deserve it

we are worth it don't foul yourself

everything is melting the hate away

from the day I stood in faith

I will never let go of you

amazing wonder

I love you more than you know

we have had so many under the control

but oh know

let go of that

so you can hold to your hand with God's plans

carrying you through the lands before time stands

it turns out we are but sand

crafted by Gods graceful hand

gripping on to making grands

that is not a bad plan

it just might end with you crying into your hands

but don't worry you were never damned

you just didn't understand

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