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Don't Turn Away

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

stare darkness in the eyes

who do despise

is it me

because I love you

and I don't even know you

I'm glad we have something in common

maybe not to your knowledge

but to my bondage

this world is dealing with quite a spillage

of millions begging for meals an

thousands dying to live rounding

off the threats coming at our death

seemingly blessed to go through a test

even if it is just a jest

this world is at a state of rest

so don't worry when the day crests

this world is always awaiting your best

trust that died the day we realized

the sky is apart of our eyes

gravestones on my throne

puncturing the unknown

with help from the monotone

rolling into the stones

placed on the banks of the atoned

Tell me it's not so far gone

you still have today

tomorrow is too far away

throne to the wolf

devoured by the golf team

coming in my stream

of consciousness leads me

to the inlet open for all the sunsets

to fall alone at the end of the sea

hitting my eyes with a light beam

heavier than it might seem

Tell me it's not so far gone

you still have today

tomorrow is too far away

truth be told it's falling to the lenders

begging for an ember

burning out my sky

till it's midnight

turning to mid types

putting me asleep

in between the lines

is my bright sight

shining like an open chord

ready for a ride on that board

riding towards that open plane

still too far away

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