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Updated: Jan 15, 2021

the path is long

but Gohan

is the lesson

we grow on

and make

our bodies strong

happen across the right path

and you might find your past

was leading to a point

of life and death

after they left

we got down with the meth

no one catchin' me tellin'

on my mans sellin'

like Goku

I can't get enough of you

I want to take you out

with one swing of my hand

still can't see straight

always feeling a minute late

always feelin' a little fake

bake them in their traits

cutting down the path of drake

fuck you

my mistake

I got tide up with a dinner date

just trying to get a dinner plate

fuck were you a minute late

let go for Christ sake

I find nothing in my rib cage

makes me see straight

to the point I cut your joints

so to store your body in the cave

right down the road from my place

Death is how I can take

every day

I'm falling down the hate

to a place I hold with grace

till she sees her own face

in the nights place

it's a scary case

sorry dang

I'm holding your hand to that damn thing

so we know what I'm saying

I'm not playing

why you hating

why you waiting

come take my life

that's my favorite vice

now you just saying things

laying planes for us to travel on and

swing shame across your face

doubt is were I stay

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